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Accessible on a PC, iMac, tablet or smart phone.
Browsers supported include Windows Explorer®, Apple Safari®, Mozilla Firefox®, Google Chrome® .
Download data to Microsoft Excel® or view in Google Earth®.
Analyse data using Movebank®

Accessing Data

1. Click on the Log In button on the top right hand side of the home page.

2. Insert Username and Password - sent to you when you purchase collars.

3. The following dashboard will then load. Five working units are visible.

 GPS Dashboard

4. Select the date range that you want to view and click Apply.

 GPS Chose date

5. Hover mouse over number left of Collar ID.  The last recorded position pops up. Click on the number - in this case 001.

GPS Last GPS o3.45

6. The last known location of the collar 001 appears on a map. The last known and downloaded locations of all collars can be seen in the right hand box.  The collars that have connected to the servers in last 24 hours have a time against them.  Those collars beyond 24 hours have a date against them.  

GPS Map SCotland


7. Double click on the unit and all data within the chosen date range will display.

FPS AFter point 7

8. The map can be changed to a satellite view of the map.  

9. To download data within chosen data range as a Google Earth KML file, click on the Google Earth icon on bottom let hand side of the screen.

10. To download data within chosen date range as a Microsoft Excel cvs file, click on the Microsoft Excel icon on bottom let hand side of the screen.

11.Example Data is shown below….

 gps data

12. Analyse your data using MoveBank.

13.And that’s it - simple really!

And remember:  

1. Up to half a million locations can be stored on board.
2. Geofence available as standard and can be set up and if animal goes outside geofence an alarm will be sent to your mobile number.
3. Mortality sensor is fitted as standard and if an animal dies an alarm will be sent to your mobile number.
4. Head up and Head down data is included as standard.  
5. All collars fitted with a tracking beacon as standard.  Beacon can be turned on or off from our website.  Last known location always transmitted via tracking beacon.

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